• April 10, 2010

European campaign denounces threats to foreign activists

European campaign denounces threats to foreign activists

BRUSSELS, — The European campaign to end the siege on Gaza has denounced the threats against foreign activists who announced their intention to take part in the sea voyage to besieged Gaza Strip next month.

It said in a statement on Friday that Israel’s collaborators were trying to terrorize foreign activists who emphasized their determination to join the sea trip, noting that their number had exceeded 500 activists including European parliament members.

The threats would not succeed in aborting the free people of the world’s determination to break the siege on Gaza, the campaign elaborated.

It said that the sea route with the Gaza Strip should be kept open to extend relief material to one and a half million besieged Palestinians.

Solidarity activists are entitled to reach Gaza through its regional waters and none is authorized to block their way, the campaign elaborated.