European campaign warns of believing Israel’s lies about easing Gaza siege

European campaign warns of believing Israel’s lies about easing Gaza siege

BRUSSELS, The European campaign to end Gaza siege warned of believing Israel’s lies about alleviating its blockade on the Gaza Strip, affirming that the visiting international delegations are witnesses to the escalating destructive impacts of the siege on all aspects of life in the Strip.

Member of the campaign Mohamed Hanoun said that the reports issued by the UN institutions operating in Gaza and the Palestinian health ministry confirm that Israel’s siege is still stifling more than one and a half million Gazans.

Hanoun added that the international community has humanitarian and moral obligations to reveal the reality of the tragic situation which Gazans are living in because of the siege instead of considering Israel’s claims about easing its blockade on the Palestinians in Gaza 

He pointed out that Israel’s blockade rendered tens of thousands of Gazans unemployed and there is still a total ban on exports and the entry of raw and construction materials, adding that hundreds of Palestinian families are homeless and unable to rebuild their homes which were destroyed in the last Israeli war on Gaza.

In another incident, the UNRWA and representatives of the Red Crescent and Al-Shifa hospital received the food and medical aid donated by the UAE Red Crescent to Gaza people.

Gaza Red Crescent official Khalil Abu Al-Ful stated that the medical aid arrived in a very critical time, where Gaza hospitals suffer from an acute shortage of some types of medicines.