European Lifeline 5 convoy to land in Egypt within days

European Lifeline 5 convoy to land in Egypt within days

 LONDON, —  Spokesman for the Lifeline 5 land-sea aid convoy Zahir Beirawi said efforts are being made to convince Egyptian authorities to ease the task of the humanitarian mission en route to Gaza Strip.

Beirawi denied rumors that the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) would not participate on the convoy for fear of criticism from Israel and the international community over links to Palestinian resistance groups.

Beirawi said in a statement Saturday that the convoy will set out on board a ship carrying buses of aid to El Arish port within the next few days. It will then proceed on land to the Rafah border crossing point.

He explained that Syria will be the convoy’s last stop before it sails to Egypt’s El Arish port. From there, it will head out to Gaza to deliver the medical and humanitarian aid.
Around 400 activists, including trade union leaders and representatives of charity and rights groups from several countries, are participating on the convoy.

The convoy reached Syria on Saturday from Europe after transiting in Turkey and touring the cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Kayseri, and Adana.