European MPs: Israel committed war crimes against humanity in Gaza

European MPs: Israel committed war crimes against humanity in Gaza

A delegation from the European parliament met Friday with Palestinian lawmakers in a tent prepared to receive guests after the destruction of the PLC headquarters during the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, where the visiting delegation affirmed that Israel deliberately committed war crimes against humanity in the Strip.

Karikus Veldelevs, the head of the delegation, stated that their visit is intended for meeting the political leadership in Gaza in addition to witnessing the war crimes intentionally committed by the Israeli war machine.

Veldelevs strongly condemned, on behalf of the delegation, Israel for bombing civil institutions and killing civilians, adding that what the delegation had seen proved that Israel intentionally bombed civilian buildings.

He said that they would report about the witnessed scenes and the testimonies heard from victims to the European parliament, promising that the European parliament would include at the top of its agenda during this week a decision binding Israel to open the Gaza crossings and allow in humanitarian aid.

The delegation head noted that they would also form pressure groups to make the European governments put an end to the aggravating humanitarian situation in Gaza.

In another context, the Palestinian forum in Britain announced that it will hold a festival next Sunday at one pm in central London in celebration of the Gaza victory with the participation of writers, intellectuals and Islamic preachers.