European Parliament Vs. the Egyptian Regime : Clearing the Myth

European Parliament Vs. the Egyptian Regime : Clearing the Myth

Of course you may have heard about the powerful resolution of the European Parliament regarding the human rights in Egypt and the practices of its regime.

First here is the official Press release of the resolution from the official European Parliament website, it is important to read the resolution or its summary from its primary source in order to know the truth. And here is the official resolution itself, please read it carefully if you have time

Second I respect the EP and EU for their unbiased position unlike G.W Bush who opens his mouth only when he wants something in return so badly. Well the resolution had an echo of an earthquake for the Egyptian regime and now they turned the matter in to an assault on Egypt’s sovereignty, the same old game of internal affairs, national dignity, and so it is not a surprise to find the head of the Egyptian parliament and the Egyptian foreign minister slamming the resolution and announcing the war in the official media regarding this resolution. Already the official media left all what were mentioned from points in the resolution and concentrated only one point in the resolution regarding the religious monitories which says the following:

Whereas the Copts, the Baha’i, the Shiites, the Koranists and members of other religious minorities are still severly diadvantaged by sectarian isolation

I copied as it is from the resolution

As I said they left all what is mentioned in the resolution and concentrated on this point in order to tackle the feelings of the majority of the Egyptians. To be honest I do not agree on it especially regarding on the Copts and the so-called the Koranists, the later I consider them a cult headed by a lunatic who adores the media still I do not approve how the police treat them, you do not fight ideas. Already the majority of Egyptian people do not like that west interfere its religious affairs and consider this a conspiracy to destroy the unity of the Egyptian people. And so it is so easy for the regime to use this point or a gap in order to win the Egyptian people’s sympathy in its war against the nosey EU.

But the resolution is not only about religious minorities on the contrary as I said it is only one point, what about the other important critical points in the resolution, already the religious minorities point does not form any problem to the Egyptian regime but the problem is in the other points or issues covered in the resolution regarding democracy, freedom of expression and human rights. The resolution called the Egyptian regime to end immediately the emergency status in the country; for sure the Egyptian regime will not like this. The resolution calls for fair and transparent elections The resolution calls for end of the journalists’ imprisonments, which is consistent with Egypt’s promise and President Mubarak‘s program in the last elections “I did not forget it totally”

The resolution calls for an end to all forms of torture and ill treatment and in the same words they used:

“Calls on the Egyptian Government to allow a visit by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”

UN special rapporteur on torture!! And you do not want them to be angry!!!??

The resolution calls for immediate release to Ayman Nour in the light of the reports about his health, already the EP considered his arrest and the charges against him were political motivated due to his political views and the fact that he was an opposition presidential candidate, in fact they mentioned this before his name in the report “And you do not want them to be mad!!??” The resolution spoke about the martial courts; it also spoke about the harassment against the Human rights activists The resolution calls for the independence of the judicial system in Egypt too. As you see it covered almost every thing related to democracy in Egypt, the only point that can be debated is the religious minorities, other than that there is no argument about the other points. Already the Egyptian officials as I stated earlier slammed the report, the EP and the EU itself in a very silly way, Fatahy Sorror the head of the Egyptian Parliament attacked the EU saying Europe itself does not have a white record regarding the Muslim minority!! Abu El-Gait spoke Egypt‘s sovereignty and considered this an interfere in our internal affairs strangely it is ok for Egypt to interfere in the internal affairs in Lebanon and in Gaza, and more strangely that our interfere is more than a resolution and recommendations!!!

And instead of giving the EU, EP and all other people an opportunity to speak, why the regime does not mend from itself!! It will be the best to cut all these tongues in the first place, even for some of the points not all the points.Release Ayman Nour and detained with no right in the Prison, already the noise Nour made to the regime in the prison was much more when he was free. Lift the emergency status, already we do not suffer anymore from terrorist acts or wars that call for this status. Treat the Egyptian Shiites the same way you treat the Indian and Pakistani Bohras. Try to find a way or a solution to solve the dilemma of the Baha’I in a way that you will not break the constitution .Leave the judicial system alone independent. Stop the ill treatment and torture of People and no one will dare to open its mouth EP or American congress