European politicians to visit J’lem, W. Bank and meet with Palestinian officials

European politicians to visit J’lem, W. Bank and meet with Palestinian officials

 A high-level delegation of European politicians is expected to visit on Sunday occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank in order to witness the Israeli violations there and meet with Palestinian officials and citizens.

A statement issued by the council for European and Palestinian relations (CEPR) said that a delegation of European politicians led by member of the European parliament Gerald Kaufman will leave for Jerusalem and the West Bank to see closely the negative impacts of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories.

The delegation will also visit the Red Cross headquarters in Jerusalem to meet with Palestinian lawmakers and officials who are threatened with eviction from their hometown.

The delegation will pay a visit to religious sites in Jerusalem and will meet with officials of non-governmental organizations including the high follow-up committee for Arab citizens as well as the Palestinian families whose homes were razed by Israel and those who received demolition notices.

The European officials will also listen to the testimonies of Palestinian children who were previously detained and abused by Israeli soldiers and policemen. The delegation later will head to Ramallah to hold a meeting with representatives of Palestinian parliamentary blocs.

The delegation was sent by CEPR, an independent NGO based in Brussels and London, that was established to promote dialog and understanding between Europeans and Palestinians.

In another context, minister of prisoners’ affairs Mohamed Al-Ghoul strongly denounced Israel’s decision to exile former minister Wasfi Qabha from Barta’a Al-Sharqeyya village, north of Jenin, where he resides with his family.

Ghoul stated Saturday that this decision is unjust and part of Israel’s attempts to exile Jerusalemite lawmakers and officials from the holy city, noting that such measure is considered a war crime by Geneva convention.

The minister appealed to the international community to intervene to put an end to Israel’s violations against the Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories.

For his part, Qabaha had said in a press statement to the Palestinian information center (PIC) that the Israeli occupation decided to banish him from his birthplace, Barta’a village, near the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

He explained that an Israeli intelligence officer who accompanied the force that raided his home on Thursday morning told him that he was a persona non grata in West Bank villages that lie behind the apartheid wall.

Kabaha added that the intelligence officer further informed him that as of next month he would not be allowed to enter his village and if he did not abide he would be arrested.

Barta’a Al-Sharqeyya is the eastern half of a Palestinian village that was divided in 1948 between the West Bank and the 1948-occupied Palestinian territories. Now the whole village lies behind the segregation wall and is isolated from the rest of the Jenin district by an occupation military roadblock.