• November 1, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

Everyone Has Right To Stand For President, MB Bloc Chairman Say

Everyone Has Right To Stand For President, MB Bloc Chairman Say

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc called on the government to renounce the conditions of presidential election included in article 76 of Constitution, depicting them as unachievable ones.

 In a press conference held by the Bloc on October 31, 2006, Deputy Chairman of the Bloc Hussein Mohammed Ibrahim said that the MB deputies share the view expressed by the experts of the constitutional law that the current wording of article 76 is unconstitutional as it conflicts with articles 8, 40 and 68 of the constitution on the equal opportunities for all and right of any eligible one to stand for president.

The deputy chairman of the Bloc added that article 76 will not be regarded as constitutional unless it concurs with the other articles of the constitution, pointing to the right of all to run for the post through secret and direct balloting between numerous candidates regardless of their partisan affiliations ,” especially with the weakness of the Egyptian parties and their marginalized role in the political street”, he said, calling for guarantees for presidency election to be enacted in the law rather than the constitution to keep pace with the ever changeable political conditions .

In his word, Bloc Chairman Dr. Mohamed Saad el Katatny said that the press conference is one of a series of activities launched by the Bloc to tackle parliamentary and control issues in the run up of the new parliament term of sessions slated to start on the eighth of next month.

Another MB deputy, Dr. Mohamed el Beltagui, said that MB Bloc ruled out that President Mubarak’s proposed amendments of article 76 could bear fruit as long as the country passes through such an undemocratic atmosphere, adding that, like all Egyptians, the Muslim Brotherhood is suspicious about such proposed amendments.

On the reaction of the Bloc toward this proposed amendment, the MB deputy said that the group and all political forces will make the public opinion aware that the amendments should be made in the interest of all the Egyptian people rather than being tailored to suit the ruling elite.

He warned that such a policy could trigger protests and ensuing political unrest, recalling last year’s detentions which reached out to about 4000 MB members only because they protested amendments of the article in question.

On whether the group weighs the setting up of a political party, Deputy Ibrahim said that the Muslim Brotherhood could not apply for a political party as long as the regime persists with its anti reform policy.

However, Chairman of the Bloc Dr. Katatny hastened to say that if the group thinks of a political party, it will be open for all political forces as well as all brackets in the Egyptian society including Copts and women.