Evil states remain evil, even if they excel in high-tech

Evil states remain evil, even if they excel in high-tech

It seems that the mental depravity of some Zionist Jews has no limits. We observe, for example, that unlike many other peoples, Zionists don’t miss an opportunity to brag about “the exceptional power of the Jewish mind,” the disproportionately high number of Jewish Nobel  laureates, the large number of Jewish inventors, and the Israeli genius of making the desert bloom.!

I once asked a Zionist supremacist why, of all peoples,   Zionist Jews, constantly brag about their “intelligence” while other peoples who even outmatch Jews, e.g. French, English, Russians, or Germans, don’t do that. I also asked him why he thought the “super Jewish intellect” couldn’t save European Jewry from Hitler’s incinerators.

The Zionist supremacist prevaricated left and right for a few moments before throwing the anti-Semitism charge at me. He said the questions I posed shouldn’t be asked in the first place since it reflected deeply-held Judeophobia.

A few days ago, a Zionist supremacist, who seemed thoroughly convinced that “Jewish genes” are qualitatively superior to non-Jewish genes,  (is there  such a thing as Jewish genes, or Christian genes or  Muslim genes?), wrote that the world would be committing self-immolation  if it decided to boycott Israel in protest against its Nazi-like policies toward the Palestinian people.

He indulged in a long tirade about Jewish ingenuity, claiming that boycotting Israel would really rob Gentiles around the world of Jewish-invented items that are essential to modern life such as computers, TV sets and cellular phones!

Well, I didn’t really want to argue with him. How can you argue with such a sick mind?

In the final analysis, technological inventions alone don’t make a nation great. Nazi Germany, imperial Japan, and fascist Italy, to give a few examples, were technologically and scientifically advanced, but this didn’t prevent them from sinking in a sea of moral darkness. The same can be said about the former Soviet Union which, along with the US, held world peace hostage for many decades, thanks to its huge stockpile of nuclear bombs and warheads. Where is the Soviet Union now? And the U.S.?  Is it far-fetched to think that America will sooner or later meet the same fate that the USSR eventually met? In fact, the signs of America’s ultimate downfall are already apparent, and only the fanatic and the blind would fail to see.

Nazi Germany witnessed a great jump in technological inventions and industrial production soared immensely during Hitler’s reign. The German warplanes were amongst the best under the sun. Also, Nazi doctors and researchers reached many breakthroughs in the fields of medicine and other applied sciences.  However, all this progress didn’t prevent Germany from descending to the abyss of satanic thinking. We all know the rest of the story.

We don’t deny that Israel is an advanced state, from the technological view point. After all, nearly most or all western achievements in the fields of science and technology are readily available for Israel. Besides, Israel has always been a professional thief in the literal sense of the word.

None the less, it is obvious today that Israel, which can be described as a huge war crime,  stands at the nadir of any moral scale that would measure the extent to which a given state adheres to human rights, human morality, and considerations of justice and other ideals that make humans different from animals.

I have been meticulously observing Israeli behavior since 1967, when I was merely 9-years-old.

And in all honesty, I can testify before God and man that Israel is among the most evil states under the sun, it is a state that is based on a sinister combination of terror, ethnic cleansing and mendacity.

Israel knowingly and deliberately shoots and murders school children while on their way to school or returning home and justifies the often-cold blooded murder by claiming that the kids indulged in “confrontations with our troops and had to bear the consequences.”

Israel sends its evil bulldozers to demolish Palestinian homes and dwellings. In my long coverage of Israeli brutality in occupied Palestine, I have been able to document cases where these bulldozers, commandeered by Nazi-minded soldiers, crushed homes inside which human beings were asleep?

Well, why would the political-military establishment in Israel, which saw nothing wrong in crushing to death an American peace activist who was trying to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian home in southern Gaza, see any wrong in doing the same to Palestinians locked in their homes?

In fact, some of the Israeli behavior in occupied Palestine transcends reality. During the first intifada (1987-1992), the Israeli army spokesman would claim that “IDF soldiers fired into the air to disperse Palestinian protestors, and that three or four of them were killed.” Well, I didn’t know until then that Palestinian kids had wings and could fly.

Other instances showed how Israeli undercover agents duped young children from Nablus and other localities in the West Bank to appear before TV cameras to claim that they wanted to blow themselves in Israel in order to enjoy the company of 72 houris or heavenly virgins.

These were some of Israel’s methods of demonizing and dehumanizing the Palestinians in order to justify its effectively Nazi approach toward them. The German Nazis used more classical methods to dehumanize Jews and other perceived enemies of the German motherland. In addition to these classical methods, Israel keeps calling Palestinians (and now Muslims in general) “terrorist” so much so that an Israeli official would use the repugnant epithet dozens of times in the duration of a brief press conference.

The Zionists know what they are doing. When you demonize and dehumanize a given community so often, by calling them terrorists or scum, or vermin  or dirty animals that ought to be exterminated, you effectively promote irrational hatred against these people. This is how a genocide begins. This is what the Nazis did to Jews and others during the course of the Second World War. This is what Israel has been doing to the Palestinian people.

Indeed, it was thanks to the poisoned Nazi propaganda that the vast majority of Europeans stood reticent and nearly indifferent, watching the Nazi killing machine annihilate huge multitudes of innocent people.

The same moral callousness is responsible for the equally despicable behavior of many people in the West who said nothing and did nothing while watching the Judeo-Nazi killing machine murder Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip 18 months ago.

To conclude, Zionist Jews, self-absorbed and morally-blind as they are, ought to understand that technical advancement and military prowess are not a guarantee for the survival and longevity of a state.

Justice and morality are just as important if not more important. This is what Israel most conspicuously lacks. And history will not accord evil Israel any special treatment.

Self-destruction is Israel’s ultimate destiny.