Ex-detainee: Palestinian women are living in tragic conditions in Israeli jails

Ex-detainee: Palestinian women are living in tragic conditions in Israeli jails

The newly-released prisoner Samar Subeih revealed that the imprisoned women in Israeli jails are living in heartbreaking living, health and psychological conditions, adding that the Israeli jailers put the Palestinian women in small humid cells underground that are full of cockroaches and rats.

In an interview with the Palestinian center for the defense of prisoners, Subeih explained that the cells inside the Ramle prison are dark and the sunbeams cannot find their way to prisoners, adding that the chambers which the imprisoned women along with children are locked in were actually stables for horses and are unfit for human living.

The ex-detainee said that the women prisoners are subjected to the Israeli policy of isolation for months on end, pointing out that one of the most workable ways to force the Israeli prison administration to end prisoners” isolation is hunger strike.  

She elaborated that there are a lot of female patients in the prison including women who need particular medication and specialist doctors, affirming that the prison administration refuses to provide suitable medical care for patients.

Subaih also disclosed that many prisoners are subjected to daily physical and psychological torture at the hands of a special task force assigned to suppress women called the Nakshon brigade whose members are heavily armed with batons and tear and poison gas grenades, adding that this brigade uses batons to attack women priosners and drags them on the floor by pulling their hair.

The ex-detainee strongly denounced the human rights organizations especially those concerned with women”s rights for their passivity towards what Palestinian women and their children are exposed to in Israeli jails.