Ex-Egyptian foreign affairs official calls for isolating Israel internationally

Ex-Egyptian foreign affairs official calls for isolating Israel internationally

Dr. Abdullah Al-Ashaal, a former assistant to the Egyptian foreign minister, called, during the forum on the victory of Gaza that kicked off Saturday in Damascus, for isolating Israel internationally and working with the non-aligned countries on the expulsion of Israel from international NGOs.

Dr. Ashaal underlined that the US cover and the political orientation adopted by some “moderate” Arab regimes encouraged Israel and provided comfortable environment for it to do what it had done in the Gaza Strip.

He stressed the need for a single Palestinian voice in order to confront Israel because the current stage is bigger than any conflict, adding that the confrontation requires resistance.

For his part, Nawaf Al-Moussawi, the officer of Hezbollah international relations, underscored that the steadfastness of Gaza confirmed that the resistance is not only an option but also an effective approach to restore all usurped rights, adding that the options of “peace” proved that it never leads to tangible results, but lead to failure and defeatism.

Dr. Maher Al-Taher, a member of the political bureau for the popular front for the liberation of Palestine, said that the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in Gaza for 22 days proved that the strong will is able to achieve victory over the Israeli occupation which possesses deadly weapons.

Dr. Taher noted that after the victory in Gaza, two urgent tasks should be accomplished which are the reconstruction of what was destroyed by the Israeli war and ending the Palestinian division.

He highlighted that there can be no unity on the basis of Annapolis and the roadmap plan but on the basis of the reactivation of the PLO and the participation of all national and Islamic forces in this organization in order to continue the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation according to a clear strategy for action.