Ex-minister freed from Israeli occupation jail

Ex-minister freed from Israeli occupation jail

The Israeli occupation authority on Sunday evening released ex PA minister of finance Dr. Omar Abdul Razek after two years in occupation jails for affiliation with Hamas”s parliamentary bloc.

The Ahrar center for prisoners” studies and human rights said that the Israeli military court in Salem had sentenced MP Dr. Abdel Razek to 26 months.

The center”s director Fuad Al-Khafsh said that the ex minister, who was kidnapped on 29/6/2006, should be released on Sunday.

He called on international organizations and human rights groups to step in and demand the release of 48 Palestinian deputies and ministers who are held in harsh imprisonment conditions in Israeli occupation jails.

In the first such precedence in human history, Israel has been detaining those deputies and ministers , mostly affiliated with Hamas in the West Bank including the PLC speaker Dr. Aziz Dwaikand, since June 2006 in violation of all international doctrines and norms.