Excellent defense team for Ezzat and his innocent colleagues.

Excellent defense team for Ezzat and his innocent colleagues.

An excellent and dedicated defense team has been assembled to represent case no.202 of 2010 which involves the senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders who were arrested on February 8. Top lawyer Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsud has asserted to “Ikhwanweb” that some of the country’s finest lawyers have offered their services to defend the honorable members of society who were unjustly arrested and treated with disrespect. Arrested members including the groups deputy chairman Dr Mahmoud Ezzat and other members of the Movements executive bureau are all in high spirits as they believe they have the support of not just their families and the movement but nearly all of Egypt and the Arab world


The highly distinguished defense lawyers who will participate as a team in the appeal session and any hearing the detainees are expected to be involved in include


Chancellor Mahmoud Alkhodeiry

Dr Yahya Algammal

Dr Atef Albanna

Dr Salah Sadek

Saad Aboud

Mohamed Aldommaty

Montaser Alzayat

Mamdouh Ismail

Mohamed Moneib  


MB lawyers who will also participate in defense include


Mohamed Towson

Gamal Tag Eldeen

Nasser Alhaffy

Ahmed Abu Baraka

Sayed Gad Allah

Fatthy Tammem


Many others offered their services