Exit Hossam. Enter Hisham

Exit Hossam. Enter Hisham

Hossam Abou el Fottouh went to prison on an incredible charge: possessing a weapon without a licence- incredible, because he has nine others that are licenced! And the court verdicts ran from one extreme to the other.


He was sentenced to the harshest penalty and then acquitted because the military governor had not ratified the sentence. He was released, an innocent man, yesterday morning.


 I have written repeatedly about this without commenting on the sentence or the acquittal. What matters is that he has been acquitted and is free. Congratulations to him and to us and to everyone who is happy for him!


On the day he was released, the trial of Hisham Talaat Mostapha was set for October 18. One may imagine a dialogue between Talaat and the judge along the following lines.


Judge: Did you give two million dollars to Mohsen el Sokkari, accused of murdering Suzanne Tamim?


Talaat: Yes!


Judge: Did you help him get a visa, and did you transfer money to him when he was abroad?


Talaat: Yes!


Judge: Did you ask him to get rid of Suzanne Tamim?


Talaat: Yes


Judge: Then you confess you motivated him to kill her?


Talaat: No


Judge: How”s that?


 Talaat: I paid him two million dollars to get me my pictures with Suzanne. I didn”t want them made public. I”m a celebrity, and I knew that the pictures would harm me in one way or another if they were circulated. I would also add that the photographs were taken at a moment of human weakness!


Judge: But on the recorded tape you told Sokkari to get rid of her, like Souad Hosny.


Talaat: That was metaphorical, like when you say “God take him, or her.” It doesn”t mean that God will do it just because you want it to happen.


Or it”s like telling someone, “I”ll kill you.” That doesn”t mean you really will kill him. It”s something you hear every day, but it”s never meant to be serious!


Judge: So Sokkari didn”t kill her?


Talaat: I don”t know. Perhaps he took the money and killed her- but just perhaps!



Judge: Have you anything else to say?


Talaat: No!