Expert: Israel steals Gaza water to supply its settlements

Expert: Israel steals Gaza water to supply its settlements

Dr. Akram Al-Hallaq, a professor of geography at the Aqsa university in Gaza, said that Israel is persistent in stealing and exhausting Gaza water resources in order to supply its nearby settlements.

In an academic study titled “The Israeli policies of depleting fresh groundwater in the Gaza Strip,” Hallaq affirmed that Israel had drilled a number of wells during the years of its occupation of Gaza along the northern and eastern border areas and since then it has been pumping water from these areas into its territory.

He added that this process reduced the leakage of groundwater of these areas into the costal aquifer of Gaza

The professor underlined that the Israel’s systematic theft of water resources constitute a threat to the national security of Palestinians and Arabs alike.

His study also pointed out that the Israeli blockade on Gaza played a major role in preventing the development of water and sanitation projects, the thing which adversely affected the services in these two sectors as a result of the ban imposed on the entry of equipment needed for maintaining and rehabilitating water installations there.