Expert: MB Detainees’ File Wouldn’t meet Same Flexibility as Ayman Nour’s

Expert: MB Detainees’ File Wouldn’t meet Same Flexibility as Ayman Nour’s

Dr. Khalil Anani (Researcher in Islamic Movements Affairs) has stressed, in an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, that dealing with the MB detainees’ file, in particular those who had a military tribunal of MB leaders, would not receive the same flexibility as Al-Ghad party’s leader Ayman Nour’s file who was released recently by the Egyptian authorities.

“That is because Nour first and foremost is the son of the regime since he already had his own interests which he runs in the Egyptian Parliament when he was MP, whereas MBs who follow the footsteps of Hassan El-Banna and have no iterests with anybody and have weakness points, in addition to this Nour poses an apparent risk to the system, while MB poses a real threat to the system because MB are the only real force in the political arena that could uproot the system.” He added.

He also said that Egyptian system does not follow a strategy to deal with hot topics within the community, rather it decides according to its interests, does anything any time it wants. The position of MB cannot be measured according to Nour’s position even if Nour’s release gives any hope, its not for MB anyway.

Khalil has denied any correlation in the release of Nour and on any American pressure, stating that it has nothing to do with American pressure, US had been posing pressure on Egypt long time before that, then why he was released only now?

In addition to this, the more pressures US imposes on the release of Ayman Nour, the more stubborn Egyptian government used to get, for this reason we cannot assume that the release came after an American pressure. He considered that this is a politically intellegent movement from the government’s side for the government released him with its free will before it releases him due to pressures exerted on it.

The release decision of Al-Ghad party’s leader has raised lots of questions in the political arena, specially that it was a sudden decision and with the excuse of health conditions, whereas in reality there are tens of detainees who are suffering from worse health conditions than Nour’s but they have never been released instead they were left to die in prisons.