• November 3, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Extension Of Stay, But In Egypt’s Prisons

Extension Of Stay, But In  Egypt’s Prisons

The Supreme State Security Prosecution on November1, 2006, extended the detention of 26 Muslim Brotherhood members and released 12 others.

The 26 defendants were detained over five months ago while vacationing at Ras el Bar, an Egyptian coastal summer resort, in what is named by the prosecution as the Ras el Bar Camp case, in which the authorities stormed homes of those MB members and seized computer sets and a data show gadget and other booklets.

The Prosecution accused them of reviving the Muslim Brotherhood organization among the teachers. Muslim Brotherhood’s lawyer Abdul Monem Abdul Maksoud said in an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb that he will appeal against the ruling and the insistence of the Court to extend the detention of those defendants in spite of the absence of a legal reason to convict or indict them” besides that those defendants are educators who are well reputed among their colleagues and administrations ”, he said.

The 12 MB members who were released yesterday were earlier in June of this year detained along with 14 others in Alexandria while they were also vacationing at Matrouh, an Egyptian coastal resort, taken from their homes after a raid by the security forces.

 It is noted that 14 of those 26 detainees were released in September and October successively after complaints they submitted to the Attorney General on the illegality of their detention.