Extremist Jews storm the Aqsa Mosque under army protection

Extremist Jews storm the Aqsa Mosque under army protection

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM,Hundreds of extremist Jews have stormed the Aqsa Mosque on Wednesday under the protection of the fully-geared Israeli occupation soldiers in clear undermining to the 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide, the Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage revealed.


According to the foundation, the fanatic Jews were divided into groups comprising between 5 and 90 elements, and that they carried out some Jewish rituals inside the Muslim holy shrine under the full and close protection of the Israeli occupation army who ordered Muslim guards of the Mosque not to block or come closer to the Jewish groups.


The foundation urged Palestinian citizens in occupied Jerusalem, the 1948-occupied Palestinian lands, and those dwelling in the West Bank to frequent and stay in the Aqsa Mosque in bid to “thwart the Israeli plans to Judaize it”.


The foundation, furthermore, revealed that the desecration visits weren’t limited to ordinary extremist Jews, but rather, it explained, a number of Rabbis and Israeli politicians have joined the Zionist aggressions on the Aqsa Mosque, in addition to giving some explanations on how to build the alleged Thrid Temple [on ruins of the Aqsa].


“It seemed that the Jewish groups had specified the places they intended to visit inside the Mosque as they were seen  transferring bare-footed from one place to another inside the Haram Al-Sharief (Honorable Sanctuary) on orders of their rabbis”, the foundation asserted in an urgent communiqué it issued on the matter.


Sheikh Mohammed Azzam Al-Tamimi, the director of the Awkaf (endowment) department in Jerusalem, rejected the Zionist defilement of the Aqsa Mosque, and warned of adverse repercussions if those desecration visits continued.


“We categorically reject the Zionist practices of those extremist Jews, as we consider those visits as tantamount to full aggression on the holy Aqsa Mosque, which is not acceptable for us because the Aqsa Mosque is a Muslim Mosque and it is an Islamic right… we had strongly condemned what had happened today”, Tamimi asserted in an interview with the foundation.


In a related mater, The Quds committee in the PA ministry of Awkaf in Gaza city strongly deprecated another Israeli police aggression on the Aqsa Mosque, and the drinking of wine and committing of bad acts inside the Mosque”s plazas.


In a statement it issued and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC, the committee also condemned the building of tunnel networks and synagogues under the Aqsa Mosque, and the confiscation and demolition of Palestinian homes in the occupied Palestinian city.


“The [Israeli police] aggressions on the Mosque comes in line with the programmed Zionist policy that targets all Muslim holy shrines in Palestine with the aim to distort and Judaize them”, the committee added.


The committee also explained that the Israeli hostilities against the Aqsa Mosque had increased recently, warning that such practices were aiming at giving legitimacy and legality to the Israeli Judaizing operations in the city since it fell under the Israeli occupation in 1967.