Fahmi and Erian: Egypt Upper House Will Not Recognize OR Legitimize Coup

Fahmi and Erian: Egypt Upper House Will Not Recognize OR Legitimize Coup

 In the Shura Council (SC)’s second meeting in Rabaa Al-Adaweya in Nasr City – Cairo, Dr. Ahmed Fahmi, SC Speaker, said: "The SC’s second conference is held to announce lawmakers’ views on the latest developments in Egypt, which cannot be described as anything but a de facto military coup, where the military commanders ousted the elected President by force, suspended the Constitution endorsed by the people in nationwide referendum, and dismissed the democratically selected SC, the country’s upper chamber of parliament.

"This is a coup against state institutions. At an international level, this is an offense contrary to all laws. Even if a group of people want change, there are constitutional ways and mechanisms that must be adhered to. This homeland’s constitutional, legal and popular rights and gains are being blatantly and systematically robbed.

Dr. Fahmi added, "It is not unlikely that these developments will negate the gains of January 25 Revolution and throw us back into the era of corruption, repression and despotism. So, the SC will not recognize the military coup, whose only harvest will be discord, death and destruction of Egyptian society… I’m afraid we may well get into a deep dark tunnel that only God knows its dimensions".

Meanwhile, Dr. Essam El-Erian, head of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s parliamentary bloc, stressed that what happened in Egypt is a conflict between two wills, with one supporting the revolution, and the other the repressive regime of deposed Mubarak and sabotage of the democratic transformation. Erian pointed that certain apparatus and States that sought to pre-empt the democratic experience.

"The real people of Egypt have spoken. The free peoples and parliaments of the whole world must not recognize or accept the coup… The SC will not stop, and protest events will continue to rally on Monday in a new million-man march to protect democracy."