Faisal Kutty: Egypt Should Have More Respect to Human Rights

Mr. Faisal Kutty, a Canadian attorney and human rights activist  criticized the Egyptian government’s decision to try these civilians before military court stating that the International law is quite clear concerning such issues “The International Law has quite significant requirements as to when civilians can be tried or just go to military trials. I don’t think this is applied here in Egypt.”

He added “these individuals have already been tried by the civilian court, and found not guilty… there is no chance to do such military trials then other than being a political purpose to shut that opposition..”


He says, “I came here as an independent Human Rights monitor, an independent Human Rights lawyer from Canada to provide my support to make sure that this will come to an end. We want Egypt to have more respect to the International community, and much more respect to Human Rights. And my support here is not to any political party or political movement at all, it’s rather for human rights, the universal principles of Human Rights which Egypt, in my opinion, transgressed in 1982, and is doing that again now for political aims. Egypt and Egyptians must take into consideration that they don’t respect the International law as well.


Mr. Faisal Kutty comments on the fairness and impartiality of such military tribunals saying, “The government is basically running that tribunal. I don’t think this would be really satisfying because eventually if you have the executive which is the president appointing the military tribunals and taking such decision, how would that be independent or impartial?! Certainly there is no independence, and there is no impartiality.”              


About his expectations for the verdict on the second session of  the military trial for MB leaders, Faisal says, “Before the trial has even started, I think they had a verdict planned and decided… The only reason they are doing a military trial after a civilian one is because they wanted to get the decision that they have already planned for earlier, which is convicting people of political disobedience which don’t exist in fact.”


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