• October 29, 2008

Faiyum Bloggers Violated At The Prison

Faiyum Bloggers Violated At The Prison

Internet bloggers who were detained from the governorate of Faiyum during the fierce round-up campaign launched by the Egyptian security apparutus against internet activists suffer from miserable conditions at the prison.

The detained bloggers; Mohamed Khairi and Khalifa Ebeid, were kept in solitary confinements. Prison guards deny them electricity, food, or clothes and harass them through providing only one meal a day.

Bloggers were detained last October 22nd due to participating in the Anti-Gaza Siege Campaign. The prosecution ordered them imprisoned for 15 days pending investigations.

The ANHRI stated “arresting bloggers has been expected since the inexistence of justice during investigations with bloggers who belong to the Brotherhood. Most ironically, those bloggers were detained on charges of “taking the advantage of the democratic atmosphere in the country to oust the current regime”. This is a quite new charge to be added to the usual charges list which is adopted by the Egyptian regime to persecute the opposers since the 1950s.”