Faiyum University Complain Of Security “Terrorism”

Faiyum University Complain Of Security “Terrorism”

Students at the University of Faiyum complain of the security terror and persecution they face at the university.

Ahmad Abu Talib- head of the faculty Guards- threatened Brotherhood student of deformation with Burning Chemicals using more than 20 of thugs from prisons.

Abu Talib, escorted by those thugs, went to the classroom threatening all the students of persecution if they buy MB students- prepared Exam Models. Muslim Brotherhood students have been suffering for longer times from the harassment they receive at the hands of the thugs.

At the Faculty of Engineering, Mohamed Rushdie –head of Guards- pursue an extremely aggressive policy to terrify students through day-to-day probes and dismissals in such a highly practical and presence- based faculty depriving them of their periodic exams. Further, Rushdie frisks the male and female students himself.

Rushdie always frighten the students of his orders that are naturally approved by the dean. Eyewitnesses told Ikhwanweb that Professor Hani El Ghazali; the dean, flatters Rushdie through threatening the dismissed students of escalating persecution.

Last Thursday, three dismissed students went to the dean’s office to meet him, but he expelled them on entering the office while denying their right of clearing their stance.

Those students were dismissed, detained, investigated, and re-dismissed respectively. Students may file a communiqué to the Higher Education Minister against the dean and another one to the Interior Minister against the faculty guards’ lead. They may resort to the President and judiciary unless they receive solutions from both ministers.

At the faculty of Dar El Uloum, Professor Khalil (dean of the faculty) escorted by Ali Gabr (guards lead) usually tears down all posters or notice boards carrying Hadiths or good morals encouragement organized by MB students. Moreover, he insults the students in the ugliest manner, students said.

These are just few images of the suffering Brotherhood students encounter at the Egyptian universities. These heinous practices are against laws, traditions, and university customs and regulations since they prevent student from expressing their opinions peacefully.