Families of Burj Al-Arab MB Detainees Criticize Prison Administration

Families of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) detainees at Burj Al-Arab prison complain of the bad conditions which they face while visiting their loved ones behind bars.
The road to the prison is extremely hard and bumpy, and the searches they face lead in most cases to contaminating the food.
While visits are officially allowed in all Egyptian prisons once a week, the prison administration allows only a visit on a biweekly basis; the administration denies access to many things which are legally permitted like covers, sheets and pillows.
What hurts the families most in this prison is mixing political prisoners with criminal prisoners in the same place, obliging them to deal with recidivists; when the visitors enter the visit room, the door is locked out and they wait for more than two hours till their relative comes; to add to their owes, the visit room has no seats, obliging the families sit on the floor; after all this suffering, the period of the visit is no more than half an hour.
For his part, Abdul Rahman Ahmed Mahmoud said, a student in the Faculty of Commerce, Mansoura University, and son of detainee Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud, told Ikhwanweb that the visit add to the suffering of families: first: it is a long distance; second: the long period of waiting to enter to the visit; third: the period of the visit (30 minutes); and amid a huge number of soldiers, depriving us of speaking freely with our father.
Abdul Rahman pointed out that his father complained of the ill-treatment inside prison and cramping him in narrow cells with criminal prisoners; this hurts him due to the ill-treatment of the criminal prisoners.
The following are the names of the MB detainees in Burj Al-Arab prison:
From governorate of Dakahlia:
Abdul Fattah Qasem Abdul Fattah, employee at the Chamber of Commerce Mansoura)
Ramadan Abd Al-Samad, merchant
Mohamed Mohamed Abu Agour, owns Al-Kalima publishing house
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud, owns Badr publishing house
Ali Mohamed Hisham, Arabic teacher at a secondary school
From governorate of Monoufia:
Monir Ahmed Hatata, chemist
Mohamed Fahim Tahoun, chemist
Ashraf Mohamed Alam Al Deen, veterinarian
Ahmed Mahmoud Ismail, physician
Salah Abbas Al Bohi, secondary stage instructor
From governorate of Sharqiya:
Mohamed Ahmed Shaat,
Al Shabrawi Mohamed Al Shabrawi, physician
Bahaa Mohamed Abdul Aal, agronomy diploma
Talaat Salahuddin Hussein, worker
Ali Abdul Raouf Ismail, employee at Ministry of Awqaf (endowments)
Al Sayed Ahmed Ashri, a dministrative employee at Al-Azhar
Ahmed Ibrahim Al Kordi, industry diploma
From Governorate of El-Behera:
Masri Saad Masri
Al Shafie Mohamed Bayyoumi Al Banna, inspector at the Labour Office
Mohamed Abdul Fattah Shatat, head of a department at Wadi Al-Natrun
administration and previous candidate in 2005 People’s Assembly elections
Mohamed Zaki Abdul Alim, accountant
Saad Fathi Al-Ghoul, senior teacher at the primary stage
Safwat Ahmed Badr, radiologist at the University Hospital )
Ahmed Mohamed Al Sabaawi, teacher.


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