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  • June 18, 2009
  • 2 minutes read

Families of detainees demand immediate release of loved ones

Families of detainees demand immediate release of loved ones

The Misdemeanors Appeal Court of Damanhour rejected today the twenty-six detainees” latest appeal and upheld the prosecution request to remain in custody for a further fifteen days. Faris Barakat a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who was thrown from the fourth floor by State Security officer Naji Al-Gamal during the raids on the houses of members of the brotherhood was among those detained.

 The detainees are: Osama Suleiman, Ashraf Al-Katib, Mohammad Aldahbi, and Ahmed Eid, Sayed Al-Bakatoshi, Ali Al-Sheikh, Ahmed Wahba, and Ahmed Hassanein, Hani Bakatoshi, and Majdi Oweda, Mohamed al-Erian, and Emad Abdel-Hafez, Abdel-Hakim Abdel Raouf, Ahmed Al-smad, Saeed Mabrouk, and Mahmoud Abdul Nazeer, Ahmed Abdel-Mawgoud, and Abu Al-Fotouh Abu al-Yazid, Mohamed Abdul Rashid, Muhammad Salman, and Muhammad Zeidan, Khalid Al-Melegy, Mohammad Hassan Abu al-Hassan, Mohamed Al Sakhawi, and Ali Nasr.

The Security Services were infuriated while prisoners were being transferred in deportation vehicles yesterday. Families of prisoners were bewildered and stunned as they witnessed their loved ones being beaten and feelings of hurt and anger were provoked as they watched helplessly the food and belongings of the detainees thrown onto the ground. The detainees were also denied food and water during interrogation.

Forces completely surrounded Damanhur Prison where slogans such as “Tyrannous ruler, O Allah will retaliate against you” and “O State Security O State Security no State no security” “Allah is sufficient for us, most Excelled is He”.