Families of hunger strikers appeal for saving their sons from death

Families of hunger strikers appeal for saving their sons from death

West BANK, — The families of five hunger strikers said their sons may die any moment after their health conditions reached a deadly level and appealed to all human rights organizations to intervene with the Palestinian authority (PA) to get their sons released from its jails.ointed out that the number of detainees in PA jails who go on hunger strike is on the rise.


In this regard, Hamas lawmaker in Bethlehem Anwar Zaboun told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that one of the hunger strikers called Muhannad Nairoukh clinically died and the PA intelligence refused to allow lawmakers from visiting the hunger strikers to check on their conditions.

Zaboun added that the health conditions of all hunger strikers is extremely serious, especially after they stopped last Thursday to drink fluids because the intelligence apparatuses backtracked on its promise to transfer them to Al-Khalil city as a prelude to releasing them.

The MP affirmed that he contacted the intelligence director in Bethlehem to demand the implementation of the verbal agreement that took place between the hunger strikers and intelligence officers, but the officer in charge tried to justify why they broke their promise and refused to allow any lawmaker to visit the hunger strikers claiming they are alright.

In a related incident, the Palestinian ministry of prisoners’ affairs and Wa’ed society for detainees established at noon Sunday a sit-in tent in solidarity with the hunger strikers and political prisoners in PA jails.

Hundreds of ex-detainees in Israeli jails and Palestinian officials are expected to participate in this event.