Families of MB Detainees Protest Military Trials To Parliament

A group of families of Muslim Brotherhood leaders standing military trial handed on Wednesday, June, 20, 2007, a memo to the Egyptian House Speaker, Dr. Fathi Sorour to protest the legal and constitutional violations by the regime against their relatives, and details of poor treatment these detainees are experiencing
“We- the Egyptian citizens, university professors, businessmen and professionals in various specializations in Tora farm prison pending trial number 963 of the year 2006 and transferred to the military court in case no. 2 of the year 2007- show you hair-raising facts about the unjust measures taken against us since we were arrested until now” said the message .
The message added that” These measures confirm that there is an unjustified and unjust decision of punishing us. This decision gives a blind eye to all legal and constitutional traditions, let alone violating all international covenants and treaties in which Egypt is a signatory.”
A delegation of the families of the detained reformists were scheduled to present and discuss this memo on Wednesday morning. However, to their surprise, they were denied access to the People’s Assembly which only received the memo to read it.
“They refused to meet us. We tried to send children of the detained reformists instead of us to deliver the memo, but they denied them access as well” said wife of detained businessman and reformist, Hassan Malek.
“We know very well that they will do nothing to help our detained beloved ones, but we only do our duty of demanding our rights which the Egyptian regime has violated”, she added.