Families of MB Detainees Question Court Transparency

The families of the Muslim Brotherhood detainees referred to a military tribunal criticized Sunday’s court ruling against the MB detainees.
The Supreme Administrative Court, headed by judge Essamuddin Abdul Aziz, and membership of judge Ahmed Abboud, judge Mohamed Kamal Mounir and judge Mohamed Mahmoud, upheld an appeal lodged by the State Judicial Department against the Administrative Court ruling to halt referring Muslim Brotherhood leaders to the military tribunals.
The ruling was described as tailored in advance by the court whose members are working as advisors in the government; while others described it as a new farce that add more to the ugly face of the Egyptian government which is already defamed by previous military courts against the Muslim Brotherhood. Other see it as a huge disaster and a black spot to the Egyptian justice.
  One Judge Glorified, Another to Trash Heap of History
Asked about the impact of this ruling on families of the MB detainees, Zahraa Al Shater- wife of engineer Ayman Abdul Ghani and daughter of engineer Khairat Al-Shater who are both referred to the military court- said:
The ruling is unfair and tyrannical. The history of  justice has never witnessed that certain judges who are working as advisors in the government, to make the rival a judge. This serious ruling was issued in the same session. We waited for 12 days to receive the ruling of canceling the military courts while this judge refused even to give us the impeachment paper. Even the slightest procedural actions taken in any acceptable court weren’t taken in this session; all this questions the fairness of this whole affair.
Zahraa added in a statement to Ikhwanweb:” I was in fact stunned by what was reported yesterday on television: that the Muslim Brotherhood cheers up when the court issues a ruling for its benefit while it gets angry when a ruling against it is issued!! Al-Ahram newspaper and other government vetted newspapers which did not cover the historical ruling that acquitted us, welcomed rudely and strangely yesterday’s ruling.
Zahraa pointed out that:” In the last court acquittal, I didn’t expect a ruling to our interest; my younger son saw the cheer and happiness in the court after judge Al Husseini issued his fair ruling, and he returned home and told his brothers about it and we waited for their father and grandfather whom they miss strongly. I can’t tell them up till now the real image and the jungle in which we are living especially after yesterday’s unjust ruling. I want to say to yesterday’s judge who issued the unfair ruling:” Your are coming nearer to your day of judgment and we are also coming nearer to our day of judgment; but while History will always glorify the name of the fair judge Al Husseini, you will be thrown into the trash heap of history.”
Unfair Ruling for Personal Interests

Dr. Mona Sobhi- wife of Dr. Diaa Farahat who is detained and referred to the military court, said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that yesterday’s ruling was farcical and meaningless because the court is actually impeached. As for us, we are angry with some judges and some persons who represent justice who care only for their personal interests. We hoped that they will issue a fair ruling, but they issued such an unfair ruling for fear of losing their government posts. Allah say in the Holy Quran:” O ye who believe! Endure, outdo all others in endurance, be ready, and observe your duty to Allah, in order that ye may succeed”.

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