Family: Raddad is slowly dying in Israeli jails

Family: Raddad is slowly dying in Israeli jails

The family of Palestinian captive Mutasem Taleb Raddad has warned that the health condition of their son was badly deteriorating due to the deliberate medical neglect on the part of the Israeli prisons authority (IPA).

The prisoners’ studies center issued a statement over Raddad’s health condition quoting the family as saying that their captive son might suffer complications in the liver, the heart, or the kidney if he contracted any disease because he is taking cortisone shots.

The family said that Raddad was rushed to the Israeli Soroka hospital last November and stayed for five days before he was transferred to the Morag hospital where he remained for ten days, adding that doctors in a third hospital informed Raddad late last December that he suffers chronic infection in the intestines and that there was no medicine for his illness.

However, the family stressed that the health condition of Raddad was excellent before he was arrested and put in jail, urging all concerned human rights organizations to extend a helping hand to their son.

“Our son is slowly dying in Israeli jails and he should be examined by specialist doctors and given the proper medical treatment”, the center quoted the family as saying.

In this regard, the family held the IPA fully responsible for the life of Raddad, adding they fear that what had happened with Palestinian captive Mohammed Al-Omleh would be repeated with their son.

Omleh was given wrong medical treatment and died while in Israeli jails. He was buried a couple of days ago in his birthplace in Al-Khalil city.