Family of MB Blogger Demands His Release

Family of MB Blogger Demands His Release

Family of the detained blogger and Mass Communication student Mohamed Refaat demanded his rapid release with the coming of the holy month of Ramadan, saying he did not commit any crime.


Radwa, his sister, confirmed that his family accompanied him yesterday after he was taken to Wadi Annatroun jail by the state security forces.


State security Investigations decided to detain Refaat for 65 days on charges of calling for demonstrations via the internet, criticizing Egyptian foreign policy, and disturbing public opinion through his blogs, the internet and facebook as well as the conventional charge of affiliation to a banned group (Muslim Brotherhood).


She denounced the inhuman treatment suffered by her brother as he complained. Nevertheless, the investigator officer confirmed that “everything is ok” because of media attendance.


At the same time, April 6 Youth and Youth Secretariat of Labor Party demanded abolition of emergency law, that they considered a reason for his arrest.


They stated that if Refaat is not released, the movement is going to protest in roads and streets.


The state security forces attacked Refaat’s home on Monday evening July 21. He was not at home, and they took his PC with some of his books and papers. In the next morning, he surrendered himself; and he was taken to the state security investigations headquarters, then to Liman Tora jail without undergoing any official investigations or even passing by the prosecutor.