Farouk: Egypt’s Security is connected to Gaza’s Security

Farouk: Egypt’s Security is connected to  Gaza’s Security

Dr. Hazem Farouq, of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc and the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee, stressed that the persistence in building the iron wall between Egypt and the Gaza Strip may destroy relations between Egypt and the neighbouring Gaza as Egypt is supporting the Israeli entity by providing it with natural gas.


Press reports revealed that there are four drilling machines belonging to the “Arab Contractor’s Company” which are used in the construction of the iron wall which is to be constructed along 14 kilometres at the border. The wall is being built in order to combat the so called smuggling of goods to the Gaza Strip through tunnels.


The MP, asserted in a press release to the website theparliament.com, that “In reality Egypt’s security is linked to the security of the Gaza Strip, therefore, tightening the blockade through the establishment of an iron wall simply reflects imprudence which reminds us of the crisis which took place between Algeria and Egypt after the football match because of irresponsible measures taken”.


The MP called on those in charge to reassess their stances which will affect the national security of Egypt benefitting only the Israeli occupational entity.