Farra: Israel destroyed 3,000 residential units in Khan Younis

Farra: Israel destroyed 3,000 residential units in Khan Younis

Mohamed Al-Farra, the mayor of Khan Younis city, said Tuesday that Israel destroyed about 3,000 residential units and other buildings in the city during its wanton aggression on the Gaza Strip.

In a statement received by the PIC, Farra explained that Israel destroyed completely 450 housing units and over 2,500 other units partially as well as it caused serious damage to about 25 educational institutions, schools, mosques and emergency centers.

The mayor affirmed that Israel bulldozed about 2,000 dunums of agricultural lands and destroyed completely four concrete production plants in addition to three clinics and a number of poultry and livestock farms.

He underlined that Israel deliberately destroyed civilian homes, bulldozed agricultural lands and killed innocent civilians not to mention the targeting of civil defense and medical crews. 

Farra noted that the municipality embarked, in cooperation with relief organizations, on providing civil services to the citizens in the city, removing rubble from the streets and providing shelters for the displaced families and citizens.