• Torture
  • September 26, 2008
  • 6 minutes read

Father of Al-Jazeera Student Paralyzed Due to Police Torture

Father of Al-Jazeera Student Paralyzed Due to Police Torture

Hamadah Abdullatif (detained father of one of the students of Al-Jazeera Islamic School) developed quadriplegia due to severe torture and beating on his neck at the hands of security officers last Thursday.


Abdullatif went on a coma after which he was moved to the hospital to have an operation on his spinal cord due to the brutal assault by security personnel.


In a press conference held on Wednesday by “Victims” center for human rights and attended by many students and other families as well as journalists, Abdullatif’s wife narrated the violations and torture experienced by the families of those studying at Al-Jazeera Islamic School.


She said the Police Major persisted in banging my husband’s neck by shoes as far as my husband had his neck fractures and spinal cord torn. Mother of student Amr Badr said they abducted the boy before them.


Security forces arrested on Thursday twelve teachers and parents of the students who tried to go through the school day according to the decision passed by the administrative judiciary court deeming the start of school year; however security forces arrested them.


Security forces still besiege the school despite the decisions passed by administrative judiciary court of Alexandria ending the closure of the school. The court assets to case no. 15553 of 62 legal year filed by the school’s chairman Talaat Fahmi against the Education Minister, Alexandria’s governor, and director of Al-Ameriah’s educational administration in their capacities.


Security forces stormed the private school of Al-Jazeera for kindergarten, preparatory and elementary stages located at 19.30 kilometer at Alex- Matrouh road on Tuesday September 16, 2008. It was closed by sealing wax and chains.


Security labeled the school’s door calling on the student’s parent to go for the educational administration to move their children to another school.