Fatima Najjar, angered by Israeli atrocities against her people, swore she will retaliate

A 57-year-old Palestinian grandmother blew herself up on Thursday amongst a group of Israel occupation soldiers in retaliation to recent atrocities committed by the IOF in the northern Gaza Strip.

Before carrying out her attack she wrote: “This attack is but a taster of what the Zionists will face at the hands of Palestinian men and women. The [Qassam] Brigades will prepare surprises for you that will shake your entity, God willing, and make Gaza a graveyard for your cowardly soldiers and your pathetic [military] hardware.”

She participated a couple of weeks ago in a women’s demonstration to break an Israeli siege against 70 resistance fighters in Beit Hanoun, during which a woman was shot.

The elderly lady managed on Thursday to reach close to a group of Israeli elite soldiers to the east of Jabalya in the northern Gaza Strip and blew herself up wounding a number of soldiers, four of them seriously.

By carrying out this daring attack she made the ultimate sacrifice in resisting the tormenters of her people after sacrificing her home and having a number of her children imprisoned by the occupation. Her house was demolished by the Israeli occupation authorities because she harbored resistance fighters.

She is the mother of seven men and two women and has a number of grandchildren.

A video left by a Palestinian grandmother’s speech who blew herself up in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, lightly wounding three Israeli soldiers, in the town of Jabaliya was released by Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas.

download the vedio from this link:

http://www.ihavideo.net/content?guid…&previe w=wmp

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