Fattah Leader Azzam Al-Ahmad: Reconciliation With Hamas Top Priority

Fattah Leader Azzam Al-Ahmad: Reconciliation With Hamas Top Priority

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), received on Monday 19 March 2012, Mr. Azzam Al-Ahmed, member of Fatah Central Committee and National Relations Commissioner of the Fatah movement; and Dr. Barakat Al-Farra, the Ambassador of Palestine to Egypt, at the FJP’s headquarters in Cairo.

The meeting discussed the challenges facing Palestinian reconciliation efforts and ways to remove obstacles that prevent a successful conclusion.

Dr. Mohamed Morsi stressed the importance of achieving Palestinian reconciliation based on common goals, especially as all parties have one goal and one nation and share the same concerns and pains, the same future; adding that there is no difference between them except with regard to the means. He added that the means cannot be more powerful than the essential goals.

The FJP leader pointed that the Palestinian issue is rooted in the mind and conscience of every Egyptian, and that Palestine is not only a matter of shared history, doctrine and an integral part of the Egyptian identity, but is the cornerstone of Egypt’s national security, and that the time has come to provide greater support and significant assistance that will make a real difference to Palestinians.

For his part, Azzam Al-Ahmed congratulated the FJP on sweeping victory it achieved in the Egyptian legislative elections recently. He expressed deep gratitude for the historical role of the Muslim Brotherhood in supporting the Palestinian cause, pointing out that the Arab region’s changes for the better help further the Palestinian issue. Moreover, he stressed that the first beneficiary of the state of division amongst Palestinians is the Israeli occupier.

Further, on ways to push Palestinian reconciliation forward, Al-Ahmed said Fatah is ready to sit down with Hamas leaders, for talks brokered by the FJP and the Brotherhood, stressing that reconciliation with Hamas is the highest priority for the Fatah movement.