Fayyad incites Bush against moderate Fatah leaders

Fayyad incites Bush against moderate Fatah leaders

Well-informed Palestinian sources revealed that the “illegitimate” PA premier Salam Fayyad has reportedly instigated US president George W. Bush to pressure PA chief Mahmoud Abbas to fire two moderate Fatah leaders supporting unconditional dialogue with Hamas.

During his private meeting with Bush in Ramallah city Thursday, Fayyad warned Bush that Abbas showed signs of leniency towards Hamas after those moderate Fatah leaders convinced him to reach out to Hamas and to remove Fayyad and his “unconstitutional” government.

Reports published on the websites affiliated with Fatah faction said that Fayyad named the two Fatah leaders Kaddora Faris and Mohammed Al-Horani, accusing them of pressuring Abbas to start national dialogue with Hamas, which, Fayyad alleged, would jeopardize Bush”s vision for peace in the region.

Fayyad also alleged that the two Fatah leaders were striving hard to form a lobby within Fatah faction in order attract more followers and to increase the pressure on Abbas to open new chapter with Hamas and to dismiss his government, the sources pointed out.

The sources also asserted that Fayyad, who hold the American citizenship, appealed to Bush to pressure Abbas into removing those two Fatah leaders lest they threaten his government”s “reforms”.

Moreover, the sources said that Fayyad informed Bush that Abbas was about to fall in the “trap” of that lobby and he displayed signs of readiness to speak to Hamas had it not been for his (Fayyad) efforts and the efforts of other Fatah leaders supporting the US vision that made him (Abbas) change his mind and abandon the dialogue idea.

According to the sources, Bush promised Fayyad that he will pressure Abbas to put a limit to the two Fatah leaders, and that he will make it clear to Abbas that he isn’t allowed to start any form of national dialogue with the “extremists”, in allusion to Hamas Movement, otherwise “he will meet the same fate of [his predecessor] Yasser Arafat”.

Furthermore, the sources highlighted the “extraordinary” understandings between Bush and Fayyad after Bush expressed his confidence in Fayyad and opined that he (Fayyad) was the best man to succeed Abbas, whom Bush described as “weak, sick, and lacks strong leadership and personality”.

The sources also confirmed that Fayyad presented Bush with a comprehensive vision on how he would deal with the Gaza Strip, which is under the control of Hamas Movement, saying that his vision was based on denying PA employees sympathizing with Hamas their salaries while increasing wages of PA employees supporting his government and also they are ready to carry out the missions it asks them to do on the ground.

In a related matter, Palestinian captives in Israeli jails accused Fayyad”s illegitimate government of committing “crime against the nation” for complementing the crimes of the Israeli occupation government against the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

“No person or illegitimate government has the right to issue or carry out unconstitutional practices because legitimacy is only for the elected PA legislature that we believed didn’t give legitimacy to Fayyad”s government”, the kidnapped Palestinian lawmakers affirmed during a visit of their lawyer.

They also deplored the practices of the prisoners” affairs ministry in Fayyad”s government that, they added, didn’t benefit the prisoners.

Fayyad”s government had carried out wide-scale arrest campaigns in the ranks of Hamas Movement in the West Bank, arresting thousands of the Movement”s cadres and political leaders, and it had and still is closely coordinating with the Israeli intelligence departments and the occupation army against the Palestinian resistance factions.

Many also believed that Fayyad”s government was persuading the international community not to lift the economic siege on Gaza Strip that killed tens of Palestinian citizens and destroyed the economy of the tiny Strip where 1.5 million Palestinians are living.