Fayyad’s government will allow land sale to non-Palestinians

Fayyad’s government will allow land sale to non-Palestinians

Palestinian sources revealed that the unconstitutional government of Salam Fayyad decided to allow the sale of Palestinian land to non-Palestinians which paves the way for Zionists to buy Palestinian land.

The government decision was published on the website of Feras Press, a website known for its links with the Fatah movement.

Mahmoud al-Habbash, the minister of agriculture in Fayyad”s government, confirmed the news saying that the decision was meant to encourage investment and attract foreign investors.

Palestinian observers say that this step, which contradicts Palestinian laws, would open the door wide open for Zionists with foreign passports to buy Palestinian land “legally” and then probably pass it on to Zionist settlers.

Al-Habbash did not explain how the land will be protected against getting into Zionist hands and only said: “the officials responsible for this [scheme] have clear instructions and they know very well how to protect Palestinian land against falling into the hands of the occupation.”

Hasan Kharisha, the second deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council condemned the decision for being taken without the approval of the PLC or the Palestinian people adding that “the Palestinian land will now be subject to stealing under new pretexts such as investment, land development and land protection. This decision was hasty, it does not contribute to land protection or encourage investment, to the contrary, it helps create new catastrophes for the Palestinian people.”