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  • December 15, 2008
  • 4 minutes read

Fayyoum Defense Threatens To Resort To African Court After Accused Plead Innocent

Fayyoum Defense Threatens To Resort To African Court After Accused Plead Innocent

In the midst of rights criticisms, Fayyoum Investigations Adjutant Officer Mo”taz Abdul-Munji Abdul-Mon”em plead innocent in the Fayyoum Criminal Court on Saturday, December 13 in the case in which he was accused of killing Gom”a El-Dahshury by means of torture inside the Fayyoum Investigations Center.

On the other hand, the victim”s defense threatened to resort to the African Court for Human Rights to prevent the killer from escaping justice whereas the victim”s family received the sentence with extreme anger.  The victim”s uncle affirmed that if the law doesn”t restore his nephew”s right he will carry out the duty himself.

In the previous court session the judge had asked the victim”s defense to focus only on the civil aspects of the lawsuit and not to get into the aspects concerned with the officer”s criminal accusation.

The lawyers of the aggrieved party said in their plea that the officer had confessed in front of court that he was the one who arrested the victim at the same time two reports had been issued on the victim”s entrance to the hospital due to injury, the first by the date of 17/8/2007 and the second by the date of 2/9/2008.  The two reports however contradicted each other, as one claimed the death of the victim as a result of beating while the other claimed that he died slipping off the stairs.

El-Dahshoury”s defense, however, affirmed that he died as a result of torture inside the division as mentioned in the former report and confirmed by the medical examiner”s confession in front of court.

The defense also accused the prosecution of falling short on its duty of investigating into the incident and protecting the victim”s right to prove who assaulted him as they didn”t rush to hear the victim”s story upon report of the incident before his death.