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  • November 15, 2005
  • 2 minutes read

Fears of Bloody Run-off Elections

Fears of Bloody Run-off Elections

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Warnings are issued about possible bloody reelection of the first phase of the Egyptian parliamentary election if the government and its ruling party persist to exert influence to change the election outcome for the favor of the candidates of the National Democratic Party.


Fears of furious confrontations are aroused upon the call of the Moslem Brotherhood for its supporters and leaders to rally before the electoral commissions and to insist on attending vote count in order to evade any frauds, which diminish the chance of the MB nominees in the first election.


Muhammad Habeeb, the First Vice of the Supreme Guide of the Moslem Brotherhood and the head of its Supervisory Electoral Commission, encouraged Egyptians to persist to attend the voting-count process of the parliamentary election.


Dr. Abdel Monam Abu el-Fotoh, a member of the Supreme Council of the Moslem Brotherhood, urged the Moslem Brotherhood to resist the government attempts of ballot-rigging by assembling before the electoral commissions. He also appealed to Egyptians to take part in the electoral battle, which is very significant step to reform and to foil the intentions of the ruling system to let depression and passiveness to penetrate into the citizens to make way for its sole control over the political domain. Abu el-Fotoh regarded the passive attitude of citizens as the prime encouraging force for autocratic rule. Therefore, he demanded a large-scale popular participation in the coming two phases of the parliamentary election.


On the other hand, political observers cautioned against potential clashes between the Moslem Brotherhood and police, which will not accept any form of siege of the electoral commissions due to several reasons. Principally, it poses great pressure over the National Democratic Party that seeks, by all means, to retain the majority of the parliament.