Female prisoner Shirin Issawi beaten by Israeli offenders

Female prisoner Shirin Issawi beaten by Israeli offenders

NABLUS, — Ahmed Beitawi, a researcher at the Tadamon foundation, noted the continued harassment prisoners are subjected to when leaving for court hearings, whether by the prison administration or Israeli inmates, pointing to the beating inflicted on lawyer Issawi by a group of civil prisoners in front of the Israeli Nahshon prison guards, who in turn did not move a muscle to stop the attacks.

Beitawi said that the Issawi beating is not surprising, because the Israeli Prisons Authority (IPA) does not segregate security prisoners and criminal prisoners when transporting them to the buses, and there have been repeated cases with other prisoners.

The foundation’s researcher clarified that Israeli female criminals are in most cases in detention for murder, theft, and drugs, and are usually violent and brutal in nature, and they deliberately harass Palestinian prisoners in order to justify their assaults against them.

Abuse and Satire

In the same context, female prisoner Ahlam Tamimi reported that the IPA violates prisoners’ privacy by reading letters sent by family and associates containing their feelings and emotions out loud in front of Israeli soldiers and other prisoners.

Tamimi also underlined the IPA’s deliberate acts aimed at embarrassing and provoking prisoners by making sarcastic remarks at some of the content of the letters, which in most cases are addressed to the prisoner’s husband or family, in a clear violation on the privacy of the prisoners, who feel that their letters are their only free space to express their feelings and emotions.