Female prisoners: Damon prison should be shut down

Female prisoners: Damon prison should be shut down

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, The Palestinian female prisoners in Israel’s Damon prison are appealing to the Red Cross to make an immediate visit to the prison to see the tragic conditions, and to pressure the Israeli prisons authority (IPA) to close down the “absolutely worst prison”.

The inmates informed Palestine Prison Society’s (PPS) lawyer that the prison authority traps them in small cells infested with mice and insects, noting they suffer extreme heat in the summer and cold in the winter.

On top of intolerable living conditions, prisoners are prohibited crafts, books, and magazines, and the IPA refuses to let doctors in to treat them.

Prisoner Amna Muna, who suffers from slipped disc as well as breathing difficulties, is in critical need of an operation. The prison department has rejected her requests for medical attention after submitting claims that she is susceptible to partial paralysis if one of her spinal discs slips further.

Du’a al-Jayyousi suffers from a sprain in her spinal column and severe pain in her joints, and is in dire need of a dentist. The IPA refuses to provide her medical services.

Abeer Amr is suffering back pains, rashes, and weight loss, complained of the “deliberate medical neglect” by the IPA.

Wurood Qasem complains of a crippling case of tonsillitis, explaining that her tonsils need to be removed immediately.

Samoud Karajeh is experiencing severe dental complications, and only a specialist can treat her.

The PPS reported that Souad Nezal has a broken jaw and infection of the gums, but the IPA puts off treating her or even bringing her a doctor.