Field committee for ending political arrest file meets today in Gaza and W. Bank

Field committee for ending political arrest file meets today in Gaza and W. Bank

The Hamas Movement said that the first meetings of the field committee formed under the auspices of Egypt are supposed to be held Sunday evening in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank to put an end to the political arrest file and to address all field issues that poison the dialog atmosphere.


In a press statement to the PIC, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum stated that this committee was confirmed during the last meeting between Khaled Mishaal, the head of the Hamas political bureau, and Omar Suleiman, the director of Egyptian intelligence.


Spokesman Barhoum stressed that the resumption of the national dialog and its success depend on Fatah providing something new and ending the political arrests.


The PIC reporter said that the meetings have started this evening in Gaza and Ramallah with the participation of Hamas and Fatah representatives.


The committee is expected to work on addressing the file of political arrest, civil liberties, pursuits and the closure of institutions in the West Bank to cool off the internal tension before resuming the next round of the national dialog scheduled to be held early next month.


In the context of the political arrests, the PA security apparatuses kidnapped on Saturday in different West Bank cities 15 Palestinian citizens and dignitaries affiliated with Hamas including Sheikh Riyadh Walweel, a noted Hamas official in Qalqiliya, in addition to the principal of the Islamic school in Nablus and a professor at the university of Al-Najah.