Fierce confrontation between MB MP’s and Parliament’s committees

Fierce confrontation between MB MP’s and Parliament’s committees

The Parliament’s committees will witness next week numerous interrogations questioning corruption, wasting of public funds and the reasons behind the increase in the rate of unemployment.


The first confrontation will be between the Manpower Committee and MP Osama Gado, of the MB Parliamentary bloc, who accused the government of violating the rights of employees of the Alexandria Steel Company continuously for 7 years  after its business closed and its owner escaped and travelled abroad.


The second interrogation will be to the Media and Culture Committee with the urgent request of information submitted by MB MP Dr. Yaser Hamoud where  he accuses the government of being responsible for the neglect and loss of 131 antiques which belong to the Egyptian museum in addition to  the seizure of  US $650 million  as insurance claims on these pieces.


The Committee on Economic Affairs will discuss a number of subjects including urgent requests for information by the MB MP Akram El-Shaer in which he exposed the recent corruption scandal by the government in the Arab Bank and the wasting of public funds by cancelling debts worth hundreds of millions for particular customers. The MP demanded the exposure of the debtors’ names.


The Committee on Foreign Relations will also witness a fierce confrontation between MB MP Hazem Farouq and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where Hazem submitted an urgent request for information, which was transferred by Fathy Sorour to the committee to discuss and prepare a report on it. It was revealed that funding bodies deducted $1.7 million of the aids for Egypt to pay the value of accrued traffic fines owed to the US because of Egyptian diplomats’ violations of traffic laws.


MP Akram El-Shaer and the Ministry of Irrigation will engage in a fierce confrontation as the MP accused the Ministry of negligence and failure in confronting the Israeli enemy of stealing water and the failure of the Ministry to build dams to prevent the stealing of water from Sinai.


As for the Housing Committee, MB Azab Mostafa accused the government of increasing the fee of water consumption, which is much higher than the citizens’ budget.