Final Lawyer Candidates List Without Nuh, Badawy

Final Lawyer Candidates List Without Nuh, Badawy

The judicial committee supervising the Lawyers Syndicate elections announced today the final list of candidates who will be running for the syndicate’s elections scheduled to be held on the upcoming May 23.


The committee excluded Mukhtar Nuh, Khaled Badawi, and Abdurrahman Taye’ from the presidential post;  Yusri ‘Amer at the general level; and Muhammad Mamduh, Ibrahim Fikry, Osama Fathy, Abdel-Ilah El-Sadek, Ahmed Bayyoumy, Omar Abdul-Fattah Hussein, Mohamed Abdurrahman Abdul-Na’eem, and Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed ‘Imarah from membership.


The committee explained that four lawyers had stepped down:  Tarek El-‘Awady, Gaber Abdul-Fattah, Dr. Mohamed El-Shazly, and Abdul-Qader Eid.


Khaled Badawy described the decision as faulty, violating the law, abusive of power, and deviant, affirming that he will continue in his legal struggle to attain his right.


Mukhtar Nuh considered the decision a success for the committee in its plan to prevent him from electoral campaigning but that it, however, exposed the committee’s bias and deviation of administrative laws from legitimate legal aims.


Nuh further affirmed that the committee would pay a high cost and that its losses would be immense on May 10 when the Administrative Judicature decides to cancel the decision.