Fired shots on the equipment used to build the Iron wall in Rafah and the CIA tortures Hamas prisoners.

Fired shots on the equipment used to build the Iron wall in Rafah and the CIA tortures Hamas prisoners.

The “Guardian” newspaper accused the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Palestinian Security officers of torturing members of the Hamas movement in the West Bank.


The newspaper stressed that sources had informed of Palestinian security agents working closely with the CIA had detained and allegedly tortured approximately 500 supporters of the Islamist organisation Hamas in the West Bank. The torture was reported despite US President Barak Obama’s banning of torture.


The Human Rights Watch (HRW) added that the Palestinian authorities (Fatah) had continuously tortured detainees during investigations resulting in the death of one of the detainees. Detainees were, punched, beaten with sticks, plastic pipes and rubber tubes in addition to the forcing of detainees to be shackled in painful positions for long periods. The Guardian stressed that the shackling of detainees is known in Arabic as “Sahabah” causing severe pain and internal damage without leaving external evidence on the victim.


On another note, some armed people from the Gaza Strip shot at the Egyptian equipment which was being used for the building of the iron wall.


The shooting resulted in delaying the work for some time as equipment was slightly damaged.


Israeli newspapers and news agencies printed news stating that Egyptian authorities had started the establishment of an underground iron wall on the borders with Gaza aimed at stopping the smuggling of goods through the tunnels to the Gaza Strip which has been under blockade for more than three years by the Israelis.


Ironically, Egyptian authorities neither admitted to nor denied the news. However     the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmad Abul Gheit, defended the wall claiming that” Egypt has the right to protect its borders by any means”.


 Dr. Hamdy Hassan, spokesman of the MB Parliamentary bloc, submitted an urgent memorandum to the Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif, regarding the news about the establishment of an iron wall. He called for an explanation for the ambiguous actions taking place on the borders.


The MP stressed that the establishment of this wall would only benefit the Israeli entity since the siege on the innocent people and children of Gaza paves the way for an Israeli invasion of the Strip. He added there were rumours about an imminent invasion with the support of the Egyptian government of the Israeli preparations by providing them with gas and support by tightening the siege on the people of Gaza.