First Human Rights Festival In The Arab World

First Human Rights Festival In The Arab World

The American Islamic Congress will launch the first festival on human rights in the Arab World from November 23- 27 in its Cairo bureau, under the theme “Human Dignity.”

The festival will host several governmental and non-governmental organizations in Cairo to watch and discuss a number of documentaries.

In her statements to Ikhwanweb, Dalyia Zeyadah (director of the American Islamic Congress in North Africa) said the event aims at giving citizens the opportunity to watch those documentaries that embody the status quo and enrich their rights culture to realize their duties and rights.

She said that disclosing torture and violations of human rights clarifies the status of human rights in Egypt and all over the Arab World.

“This event synchronizes with the increasing complaints of the Arab and Egyptian rights organizations about the excessive spread of torture and violation of human rights,” she added.

The American Islamic Congress (AIC) is a civil rights organization promoting tolerance and the exchange of ideas among Muslims and between other peoples. AIC is a non-religious civic initiative challenging increasingly negative perceptions of Muslims by advocating responsible leadership and ‘two-way’ interfaith understanding.