• FJP News
  • August 17, 2014
  • 6 minutes read

FJP’s Youth Secretary Refutes Junta Media Accusations of Masterminding Violent Acts

FJP’s Youth Secretary Refutes Junta Media Accusations of Masterminding Violent Acts

 In response to allegations in some Egyptian newspapers Saturday, accusing him of leading armed groups inside Egypt, Ayman Abdel-Ghani, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Youth Secretary, issued the following statement denying any thing to do with violence and any ties with armed groups or organizations:

Junta media and a group of journalists who in fact are undercover "informants" in the intelligence and national security apparatus have been spreading lies and fabrications which are dictated to them by their murderous masters to demonize the other or to make accusations against innocent people without evidence or proof.

I was shocked at the latest lies published by military junta media alleging that I have ties with the so-called "Helwan Brigades" and other armed groups. But then it is hardly surprising that those who executed an illegitimate coup d’etat, killed innocent unarmed citizens, and deceived the people, make false charges, lie and make up baseless allegations.

In any event, I felt it necessary to respond and clarify the matter for the people and revolutionaries – in the following points:

1. I have no ties of any kind whatsoever with the so-called "Helwan Brigades". I am not even in Egypt at all.

2. How did they already publish these accusations, when this supposedly violent group only announced its own launch two days ago? When did they get their information, if any? What are their super-fast sources? Have members of this alleged violent group get arrested? Did investigations reveal such information? What is their evidence?

3. If this "Helwan Brigades" group is the handiwork of junta security forces or intelligence services, as some have suggested, all those involved will be held to task soon, when the people get rid of the repressive military junta. If, on the other hand, this indeed is a group of Egyptian youth who have been the victims of junta injustice and oppression, the junta alone bear full responsibility for the situation reaching this sad and dangerous point, after all the inhuman crimes they committed.

4. We warned repeatedly that too much oppression, injustice and tyranny will have tragic consequences. History confirms this, and teaches us that any era where people are repressed, waves of resistance to oppression will be generated – and no-one will be able to anticipate where they will come from, what shape they will take, or what their final result will be.

5. The military junta are the only party guilty of violence and terror, as they actively seek to drag the country into civil war.

Now, there is hardly a household or family anywhere in Egypt that does not seek retribution from the heinous junta who regularly use maximum-force and unrestrained violent tactics, killing, jailing, torturing innocent citizens, raping their daughters and brutally harassing and incarcerating their children. Of these millions, inevitably, some will seek to take revenge or to defend themselves. No group or party will be able to control or direct this explosive rage against injustice. It would not be acceptable for me or anybody else to blame such angry citizens or condemn their reaction resulting from feeling brutally repressed.

In conclusion, I solemnly salute all brave and proud revolutionaries who reject military rule. I certainly value all popular resistance actions to defend themselves, their lives and their honor. They do have the right to legitimate self-defense within the framework effective and peaceful strategies of nonviolence and the established principles accepted by the revolutionaries. We pledge to work exclusively for Egypt, our homeland, and to achieve progress for our country.