FJP, Politicians Condemn Death Sentence Against 529 Coup Opponents

FJP, Politicians Condemn Death Sentence Against 529 Coup Opponents

Earlier Monday, the Minya Criminal Court (Upper Egypt) sentenced 529 defendants to death without allowing defense arguments, witness testimonies or defendant statements.

Hamza Zawbaa, a leading member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), denounced the verdict against the protesters, pointing that "the death sentence against politicians and revolutionaries means the Revolution has entered a new phase that requires new methods".

Meanwhile, Ali Khafagi, FJP Youth Secretary in Giza (west of Cairo), said the death sentences against politicians and revolutionaries amount to a horrendous crime of "genocide".

He further pointed that there are officers who kill peaceful demonstrators with bullets and judges who kill peaceful protesters with blatantly unjust death sentences.

For his part, Mohamed Mahsoub, leading member of the Wassat Party, said that "death sentences against 529 Egyptians for allegedly attempting to kill a police officer, who in fact did not die, are certainly a death certificate for the Egyptian justice system itself as well as the last remaining vestiges of the judges’ honor and reputation".

Separately, Mohamed Seif El-Dawla, leftist politician, noted that "wholesale executions are the latest results of the military’s Road Map of the Future, a very special kind of justice never seen before by mankind, that will be registered in the name of Egypt’s junta in all the books of law and history".