• July 14, 2011

FJP, National Forces Agree On Constitutional Assembly Principles

FJP, National Forces Agree On Constitutional Assembly Principles

The Democratic Alliance for Egypt, including Freedom and Justice Party, agreed Wednesday that the Constitutional Assembly selected by the upcoming parliament should represent all Egyptians, and not only the party acquiring the majority of seats. At a press conference hosted at FJP headquarters, national forces including Al-Wafd, Al-Karama, the National Democratic Front, Al-Ghad, and youth from the National Association for Change, emphasized their full support for the people’s demands on July 8 to continue and safeguard the revolution.

The Alliance also called for the dismissal of certain governors and purging the media of any and all former regime remnants, in addition to cleansing the judiciary, with the prosecutor general being chosen by the Supreme Court’s committee.

Moreover, The Alliance called for the speedy, public and just trial of the ousted Mubarak and his henchmen involved in corruption, killings and thefts, stressing this would revive the nation’s trust in both the SCAF and the government.

Acknowledging numerous achievements and positive responses from the transitional government and the SCAF, the Democratic Alliance has called on them again to form a new government which will ensure a peaceful power transition capable of organizing the upcoming parliamentary elections.