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  • January 9, 2012
  • 5 minutes read

FJP: Advisory Council Limited to Aiding SCAF, Will Not Override Elected Parliament

FJP: Advisory Council Limited to Aiding SCAF, Will Not Override Elected Parliament

With the imminent end of the third phase of the Egyptian People’s Assembly elections, which highlighted the confidence accorded by the masses to the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), we appreciate the great Egyptian people and the tremendous trust, responsibility and obligation they placed on us at this critical stage in the life of the nation, and we emphasize the following:

1 – The FJP calls for everyone to focus on the role of Parliament in the next phase; and values the roles played by all other parties, and vows to seek – together with its partners in parliament – to develop an urgent legislative and regulatory plan, so the People’s Assembly should begin to play its part, immediately, with the efficiency expected by the people in this precarious phase of the nation’s life.

2 – The FJP also confirms its position with regard to the Constituent Assembly (CA) tasked with drawing up the new Constitution, as previously declared through the Democratic Alliance. The FJP also underlines the need for the CA to represent every component of the Egyptian people, all classes, groups and walks of life. The party will debate this with all political parties and stakeholders inside and outside of Parliament, to reach a consensus formula for the selection of the CA immediately after the joint session of the People’s Assembly and the Shura Council. In this regard, the FJP affirms that all the efforts made by all parties to develop ideas for issues under discussion, as well as any visions for the new constitution, are positive inputs that serve to broaden the dialogue about it, and can by all means be sent to the People’s Assembly to benefit from them.

3 – The FJP emphasizes that the role of the Advisory Council – according to its founding resolution – is confined to providing advice to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) on crises and other issues, and should not be expanded beyond that, so as not to cause chaos and confusion in the political arena as it crowds and conflicts with the roles, functions and powers of other state institutions, especially the elected parliament.

4 – The FJP also vows to work diligently during the remaining period of the transition phase for fruitful cooperation and integration with and respect for the powers and competencies of SCAF, the elected parliament and the interim government, in order to complete the move over to the new political system with the presidential elections and the new constitution.

5 – The FJP emphasizes the importance of all Egyptians celebrating the first anniversary of the January 25 Revolution, for which a decree should designate a national holiday so this would be the first celebration of the revolution in honor of the souls of the martyrs, with emphasis on the need for retribution for their blood and compensation for their families, as well as care for the wounded. This should also be an occasion to mobilize the Egyptian people to support the revolution, to emphasize its demands, to complete its march, to be proud of its achievements, and to insist on achieving goals that have not been attained yet, particularly the completion of full transfer of power to the elected civilian authority without guardianship or tutelage.

6 – The FJP stresses the importance of SCAF’s commitment to the timetable set for the transfer of power, especially the commencement of the presidential election after the joint session of both houses of parliament and in parallel with the work of the CA drawing up the new constitution, in accordance with the constitutional and legal principle based on the referendum and the constitutional declaration.