FJP: Constituent Assembly Must Represent all Egyptians

FJP: Constituent Assembly Must Represent all Egyptians

 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) extends its most sincere thanks and appreciation to the great Egyptian people for their dazzling civilised performance in the first phase of the parliamentary elections, and urges them to continue to turnout positively in the following phases. The FJP also calls upon all parties to avoid the negative issues that marred the first phase, thus giving the world a great example to proudly record in Egyptian history.

The party emphasises that its primary focus is on the future and on pushing forth the wheels of democracy. The party stresses that it withdrew from SCAF’s Advisory Council because it reopened the subject of forming the Constituent Assembly which will draft the constitution, starting with an idea of ??a procedural law, then development of ‘guiding’ criteria, which revealed the insistence of certain parties to impose such criteria on the upcoming Parliament and therefore the Constituent Assembly, which was confirmed by some media statements.

The party emphasises that a collision with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) is out of the question, and that the party considers that the difference in views is no reason for confrontation. The party appreciates the importance of close cooperation, in this stage, between the military and the interim government and the elected parliament.

Furthermore, the party re-iterates its commitment to constitutional principles that reflect the national conscience, as issued and confirmed by the party – in the Democratic Alliance Code of Honour – and as emphasised by the party through the approval of the Al-Azhar document. Those are the same principles as mentioned in the current constitutional declaration, and in the first four Chapters of the Constitution of 71. This confirms them as an expression of the collective Egyptian national conscience, and that they enjoy a general public consensus which will help to speed the completion of the new constitution that reflects the Egyptian people in its entirety.

The party emphasises that the Constituent Assembly must be representative of all the Egyptian people, factions, communities and stakeholders, something which will enable it to draft a constitution that truly reflects the entire nation, so the people will accept it for themselves and approve it out of their own free will.