FJP: Dr. Morsi’s Nahda Project Backed by 80-Year Experience

FJP: Dr. Morsi’s Nahda Project Backed by 80-Year Experience

MP Ali Fateh Al-Bab, majority leader of the Shura Council, affirmed that Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and Muslim Brotherhood presidential nominee Dr. Mohamed Morsi never succumbed to tyranny and persecution and injustice, and never hesitated to face up to corruption, adding that Dr. Morsi spent his life in pursuit of honor and dignity.

Contrary to what the media is propagating, the lawmaker continued, the FJP’s sweeping victory in the first free and fair parliamentary elections in Egypt’s history confirms the tremendous popularity of the Brotherhood in the Egyptian street.

He explained that Nahda project is aimed primarily at the elimination of poverty and unemployment, and seeks to achieve full economic, scientific, healthcare and tourism rejuvenation and also to establish powerful institutions.

Meanwhile, Dr. Essam El-Erian, Vice Chairman of the FJP and Chairman of the People’s Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee, pointed that there were many projects that failed because they were not adopted or backed by a credible, reliable institution.By contrast, Erian added, that Dr. Morsi’s Nahda Project is not simply proposed by an individual candidate, but is indeed a comprehensive project, supported by the FJP and the Brotherhood with its history, talents, and experience of more than 80 years.

Further, Fateh Al-Bab called on the Egyptian people to go, on May 23 and 24, to polling stations to choose the Nahda leader for president, and to make him a winner right from the first round of the elections.

“We are on the threshold of real change and transformation in all areas, so that Egypt will reclaim its leading position as a major power.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hassan El-Prince, Deputy of the Egyptian People’s Assembly Health Committee and member of the FJP Parliamentary Commission, affirmed that Nahda Project is a program of a dependable institution, in which experts in multiple disciplines and specializations have participated, many of whom are not Muslim Brotherhood members.

MP El-Prince said, "We choose and elect a powerful program and a venerable institution in the person of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the Brotherhood and FJP nominee for the Presidency".